Do you need the help of a sustainable urban mobility expert?

Do you need the help of a sustainable urban mobility expert?

In recent decades, social, economic and technological changes have shown that public administrations have a need for a person or company with expertise in sustainable urban mobility. This person or company will be responsible for preparing a diagnosis on the situation of a space in terms of mobility, and for designing and implementing sustainable mobility plans.

Mobility of collective public transport

The aim of the mobility plan is to improve general mobility and, above all, to reduce the need to use the private vehicle. To this end, it will be important to analyse the ways to optimise the mobility conditions of collective public transport, on foot and by bicycle.

Due to the distance between workplaces and the usual homeplace, today’s desired sustainable urban mobility is far from reality: traffic intensity in peak hour, exhaust emissions, noise pollution, time loss… In addition, growing urban sprawl has led to a growing dependence on one’s own vehicle.

We live in a society where the private vehicle is the priority mode of transport, and this results in a large space occupation, a huge energy consumption and dangerous levels of pollution in cities. The aim of any public transport administration is to provide a solution to these problems of urban accessibility, so typical of the modern economy. The current configuration is causing many of the problems of environmental, social and energy sustainability.

It is therefore necessary to take action in the various mobility plans to change these trends by seeking alternatives such as public transport or other non-motorized forms of transport. In addition, increasing importance is being given to pedestrians, cyclists and the intermodality of transport systems when designing cities.

A mobility study tailored to your needs

At Ingartek we have a multidisciplinary team, specialized in traffic and mobility engineering. The team of experts is responsible for carrying out the necessary studies to obtain the conclusive data. They also carry out surveys or studies of current demands.

With the obtained information, they create a mobility plan adapted to the needs of the applicant, with different mobility models, impact studies and simulations. The ultimate goal is universal accessibility, urban regeneration and the quality of public spaces.

You can consult several of the projects that we have developed at Ingartek in the projects section of our website.


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