Transport service audits

Any service provided to citizens needs to be measured in terms of results, in order to optimise it. These results are measured in different terms, which in the case of transport services may be things such as cleaning or timeliness, for example. Thus, it is possible to create a quality index for the service.

To do so, it is necessary to carry out different types of studies, such as perceived quality studies, inspections on the forms of transport, analysis of timeliness studies, audits of the Support System Exploitation audits, etc. The aim of these audits is to obtain the utmost satisfactionof citizens, by analysing whether the transport systems meet the standards of excellence in the established parameters.

In the cases where these parameters fail to comply with what has been established, Ingartek carries out studies that determine the causes of these breaches and proposes corrective and improvement measures based on the checklists created: timeliness, quality of service, level of cleanliness…

Market that it is targeted at

Public administration of transport

Transport operators

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