Consultancy for management and services linked to public transport




Council of Bilbao. Bilbobus: municipal urban transport service in Bilbao.


Obtaining information, managing it, analysis and study of public transport situations in the Bilbao area.


Monitoring of the BILBOBUS urban transport service.

Work carried out


Monitoring of the Bilbobus service and implementation of different analysis and studies linked to public transport in the city of Bilbao


Implementation of periodic field work, development of tools for working with Big Data from OSS and monetics data bases, integration of results into municipal web environments.


The tools that we use for the analysis and processing of information: simulators (EMME AND AIMSUN-LEGION), statistical packages (Barbwin and Spad) and GIS (Geomedia).


  • Thorough knowledge of the cleaning, safety, punctuality, citizen assistance conditions, etc. under which the Bilbobus service is provided.
  • Knowledge of the perception that users of the Bilbobus service have of it.
  • Capacity to provide corrective measures and measures to improve the service immediately.
  • Capacity to analyse any isolated matters regarding public transport mobility quickly and simply.
  • Generation of tools that make it possible to obtain information automatically about the provision of the service.
  • Capacity to store information in a way that is integrated with other municipal services.

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