Personalised solutions for the optimisation of transport management

At Ingartek we want to create value for the optimisation of transport management, traffic, mobility and urban accessibility. Based on that, we offer personalised solutions using data obtained via different products or tools. The products are adapted to the needs of each client and project, always offering the best solution.

Zendesk Adapt Aplicación Ingartek

Zendesk Adapt

We facilitate the management of transport user assistance via tools that facilitate the integration of platforms and the traceability of operations.

GtfSuite Aplicaciones Ingartek


Route generation system for the Google planner. Creation of transport service routes according to Google standards in order for those services to appear in its trip planner.

EstiMat Aplicación Ingartek


Estimation of origin/destination matrices. We process large volumes of data, Big Data, from the information generated by transport users in order to automatically obtain Origin/Destination matrices that make it possible to understand how and why people travel.

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