We help to plan the mobility of people

At Ingartek we offer our services to the public administration, to transport operators, concessions and engineering companies, carrying out studies on traffic, mobility, transport and urban planning.

Public administration of traffic

The public administration of traffic is responsible, among other aspects, for the management of road safety, including the implementation of the appropriate measures to guarantee their correct functioning. At Ingartek we collaborate with these administrations by designing smart management systems in order to improve communication between transport infrastructures and users, improving efficiency and travel safety.

Also, we create mobility plans based on transversal studies, which are aimed at the safety of citizens and respect for the environment.

At Ingartek we work to produce diagnostics and proposals aimed at improving traffic in areas that are very busy.

Administración Pública de tráfico
administración pública de transporte

Public administration of transport

The public administration of transport is responsible for planning, funding and monitoring the functioning or urban and interurban public transport services.

At Ingartek we help administrations with their strategic planning of mobility, always seeking the sustainable and balanced development of their transport systems, at both an economic and social level.

In order to carry out these studies, as well as other studies of demand, OSS audits, simulations… at Ingartek we use multiple data sources: collection of field data (surveys, manual and automatic capacities), mobile telephone data, monetics information…, all with the objective of compiling the largest volume of information possible in order to customise and adapt the services offered to the needs of each project and each client. Thus, the extensive experience and multidisciplinary knowledge possessed by the members of Ingartek in this sector enables our company to develop simulation tools and collect data that becomes the basis for our projects.

Transport operators

Transport operators are responsible for operating the concessions of transport services of cities and territories. At Ingartek we help these companies by carrying out studies of demand, quality of service, audits, etc. to correctly provide the service, thus contributing to optimise the resources needed to do so.

Based on traffic and transport simulations, we offer our clients personalised projects that encompass all of their needs.

Administración pública de infraestructuras

Public administration of infrastructures

Public administrations of infrastructures are responsible for planning, building, funding and maintaining transport infrastructures. At Ingartek we carry out studies of demand, large and small-scale simulations and cost-benefit analysis, among others, which help these administrations to plan their actions on infrastructure in a sustainable way, optimising the resources needed to provide the best traffic conditions.

Improving roads and railways, defining the capacity needed now and in the future, must be based on mobility plans and traffic studies that are able to establish present and future scenarios, we are able to reliably produce these studies at Ingartek using different sources of data (capacities, surveys, mobile phone data), the needs to come and the areas of conflict in the networks where action is needed.


The management and conservation of some transport infrastructures is covered by companies that operate a concession. These companies need to analyse different aspects of their operations, therefore they require different types of studies. In this sector, Ingartek carries out studies of mobility, traffic and demand, both current and future, for which it uses simulation tools at a macro, meso and micro level fed by data captured using capacities, surveys, mobile telephony, etc.

Thus, at Ingartek we carry out comprehensive studies that combine current data and future forecasts, simulating different situations in order to develop a personalised strategy that is suitable for demand. To do so, we have experts on the collection, processing and calibration of data.

Operadores de transporte
administración pública de urbanismo

Public administration of urban planning

The public administrations of urban planning, mainly councils and local bodies, are responsible for designing and maintaining public spaces in cities and towns.

Using the mobility and accessibility of cities and towns as a basis, we evaluate future urban developments, carry out studies of urban traffic and mobility, as well as projects to improve and optimise urban environments.

In particular, we help to draft and update municipal accessibility plans, which in the case of the Basque Country are subsidised, and which also makes it possible to access grants for implementing the actions covered by them.

Engineering companies

We collaborate with engineering companies responsible for designing new transport infrastructures or modifying already existing ones. At Ingartek we produce studies to assess and improve infrastructures and urban developments, supporting engineering companies on the design of alternatives via the simulation of them and evaluating their present and future impact via the calculation of different parameters such as queues of vehicles, traffic speeds and levels of service.


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