Grants for accessibility plans

Grants for accessibility plans

Today, the Official State Bulletin of the Basque Country (BOPV) published the Order regulating and announcing grants for the creation or updating of accessibility plans. The Basque Government will subsidise up to 75% of the production of municipal accessibility plans.

The grants are aimed at Basque councils, small local entities, local self-government bodies and private entities of public use with a clear social objective. The Basque Government will allocate 480,000 Euros to grants in 2018. The actions covered by grants must have been started from January 2018 on, and the deadline for producing them is 15 November 2019 for plans, and 31 October 2020 for works, it is possible to have started the latter prior to the announcement.

The percentages of aid are as follows:

  • Accessibility plans (creation or review): up to 75%
  • Road works: up to 50% (60% in degraded areas)
  • Mechanical elements (lifts and lifting platforms): up to 75%

The deadline for submitting applications ends on 14 October 2018. At INGARTEK we have a work team that has extensive experience in creating accessibility plans. We help local entities to improve their decision making processes for planning the urban space in their municipality. Through accessibility plans we help to guarantee universal accessibility to the main places in each municipality, whether public spaces or buildings.

In collaboration with the corresponding municipal departments we analyse the most appropriate actions, always in accordance with sustainability and economic efficiency criteria, prioritising the actions that will have the greatest positive impact. Consequently, we not only help to guarantee universal accessibility, we also boost urban regeneration and the success of the public spaces in the city.

At INGARTEK we can help you to present the proposal for the project you aim to carry out in order to obtain the grant offered by the Basque Government. Call us!