Updating of Accessibility Plan in municipality of Lasarte-Oria

Presentation of project


Ayuntamiento Lasarte Oria

Council of Lasarte-Oria (Gipuzkoa).


Update the Accessibility Plan of the municipality to the new socio-urban planning realities of the area.

Accessibility Plans are very useful in order to undertake, in an ordered, systematic and logic manner, the actions intended to resolve accessibility problems in a municipality. Urban planning helps local entities to improve their decision making processes in order to plan the urban space in their municipality.


Due to the fact that 12 years have passed since the first municipal Accessibility Plan was created and that the urban planning activity and investment plans carried out in the municipality have changed its current situation, it is considered that some aspects of the plan have become obsolete.

That is why it needs to be updated, in order to maintain the constant quest for accessibility, safety and enjoyment of the area.

Work carried out


The previous Accessibility Plan of Lasarte-Oria was produced 12 years ago, therefore the urban transformations that the municipality have undergone mean that the plan requires a review.


The methodological proposal for creating the update for the Accessibility Plan of the municipality of Lasarte-Oria is divided into four main areas: Public streets, public buildings, transport and communication.

Public streets refer to all urban public space that can be transversed, that is to say, streets, pedestrian footpaths, plazas, parks and gardens in the municipality. Free zones in the municipality (parks, plazas and gardens), require a more specific analysis, as they make it possible to plan changes with a greater impact.

The main aspects to take into account and the proposed analysis method for their evaluation, is similar to what is used on streets and footpaths. However, due to the fact that these are areas where inhabitants spend more time, it is necessary to adapt them so that they are accessible and can be enjoyed safely and comfortably by everyone who wants to.

The document for intervention on transport describes the definition of the scope of the study, carries out a diagnosis of the current public transport situation of the municipality and details the necessary intervention proposals, all defined via a plan of stages and with an estimated budget.


  • Overview of the situation in the municipality
  • Organisation of actions according to their positive impact on mobility
  • Specific analysis for the installation of mechanical urban elements
  • Phased budget planning
  • Structuring of information that facilitates applying for grants and the management of tender documentation

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