what is mobility engineering used for?

what is mobility engineering used for?

Mobility engineering aims to optimize the mobility system of cities by implementing urban planning strategies that respond to the needs identified in mobility and traffic studies.

In recent years, public administrations have been carrying out various actions to respond to the energy and climate transition, also in the field of mobility and transport, since promoting more sustainable alternatives has become a priority.

For this, it is essential to carry out mobility and traffic studies and draw up accessibility plans to promote the transition towards sustainable urban mobility models. Mobility engineering is at the base of these plans.


Planning the urban space of a municipality or city is not an easy task, since universal accessibility must always be guaranteed. That is why there are traffic, transport and mobility consultancies for urban regeneration.

Accessibility plans are essential to reorder the transport and mobility system of a municipality. At Ingartek we ensure the success of the city’s public spaces thanks to the accessibility plans we carry out, where guaranteeing accessibility to the main places in the municipality and promoting sustainable mobility is a priority.


As we have mentioned, mobility engineering consists of providing knowledge to carry out urban mobility plans where accessibility to different places in a metropolitan area is guaranteed in the most efficient way possible.

Transport plays an important role in the field of sustainable development, so incorporating this perspective into new mobility plans is essential. These plans include proposals to reduce the negative impacts on the environment during population movements, such as: guaranteeing adequate public spaces to encourage the use of bicycles, promoting the use of public transport, investing in electric vehicles…

At Ingartek we have a multidisciplinary team made up of experts in different fields to offer comprehensive traffic consulting solutions and mobility and traffic studies. If you want to know more about our services or products, contact us and we will help you with whatever you need. You can also consult on our website projects prepared by Ingartek on mobility and transport studies and plans.

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