What parameters are used for the traffic intensity study?

What parameters are used for the traffic intensity study?

A traffic intensity study is based on counting the number of vehicles passing through a fixed section, such as a road, in a specific time unit. The most commonly used unit of measurement is that of vehicles/hour and vehicles/day; this measures the hourly and daily intensity.

Intensity is a basic variable when carrying out a traffic study or analysis; that is, it is the fundamental characteristic of traffic, since it will allow us to characterize the type of traffic on a road section.

Two variables of intensity

At Ingartek we are urban traffic consultants. When performing this type of studies, there are usually two variables of intensity to take into account depending on the time:

  • The average daily annual intensity, with which we measure the number of vehicles passing through a section during a year, divided by 365. In Spain it is known as IMD, and with it we obtain the daily average intensity of traffic of a year.
  • The other variable, peak hour intensity, calculates the number of vehicles passing through a section for one hour. The chosen time will combine the fact of being representative and at the same time of greater circulation.

It is also important, when measuring intensity, to take into account long-term trends, which have cyclical oscillations according to the year, the week or the day, such as, the times of greater tourism or the concept of peak time. This feature is very interesting when measuring intensity.

What is the ultimate objective of measuring traffic intensity?

Thanks to these studies, a mobility and traffic consultancy such as Ingartek analyses the actual mobility situation of a city. The objective of this consultancy is to achieve urban accessibility adapted to the new times, with sustainable mobility, for both vehicles and pedestrians.

Traffic intensity studies are a tool, among others, for the public transport administration when making or modifying urban planning. If you have a traffic study in mind, contact Ingartek. Our team of mobility experts will help and guide you in the steps you need to take to make your city or municipality accessible.

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