Consultancy to the Public Transport Administration will be key in search of more sustainable alternatives

Consultancy to the Public Transport Administration will be key in search of more sustainable alternatives

The transport sector is the largest consumer of energy and the largest emitter of carbon dioxide in the world. To change this reality, one of the keys is the consultancy to the Public Transport Administration by experts in mobility.

Achieving more sustainable cities, with urban transport that is up to the task, is the goal of any administration, company or transport consultancy. Most of the energy used in transport today comes from petroleum-based fuels. Thus, emissions of polluting gases from transport are increasing in medium and large cities.

Air pollution in cities has come to be seen as a public health issue, and in order to reduce such pollution, administrations have begun to take decisions towards this objective.

What role do mobility and sustainable transport advisors play in all this?

At Ingartek, our multidisciplinary team, made up of experts in different fields, is responsible for conducting traffic studies in order to create mobility plans that provide solutions and new proposals to administrations.

The short-term objective will be for cities to have safe, accessible and sustainable transport systems. In this process, road safety improvements will be necessary in order to significantly reduce carbon emissions. These changes will contribute to more inclusive and sustainable cities, paying special attention to the air we breathe. It will also be important for cities to have large green areas and car-free spaces.

Therefore, Ingartek’s advisors propose to the public administrations plans that promote the efficient use of resources, in order to mitigate, as much as possible, climate change.

What are the most sustainable alternatives for urban transport?

Northern European cities are now the closest example of sustainable mobility. The use of private or public bicycles is a well-established and sustainable reality in capitals such as Amsterdam or Copenhagen. Electric scooters are also a sustainable alternative, as they are charged with electricity and do not pollute the atmosphere.

But if the goal is to move a large number of people at the same time, public transport is the best option. In addition, more and more cities are choosing electric public transport. And finally, there are electric cars, which, although they do not contribute to the problem of traffic jams, are the most sustainable option for those who want to have their own vehicle.

If you are interested in applying a sustainable mobility plan in your city or municipality, we can help you at Ingartek. You can contact us by sending an email to or by filling in the questionnaire on our website. As soon as we receive your request we will contact you to help you develop the best plan for your city or municipality.


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