Ingartek drafts the project for the Public Service of the Alicante City Bus

Ingartek drafts the project for the Public Service of the Alicante City Bus

Ingartek, together with Broseta Abogados, has drafted the project for the new Public Service of the Alicante City Bus. Ingartek has studied and analyzed the mobility needs of citizens, and together with the Alicante City Council, has designed the bases of what will be the mobility of the future in the public transport of the city.

A model of sustainable urban transport

The project has aimed to promote a more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable urban transport model, which, at the same time, meets all citizens’ mobility needs.

To carry out the project for the Alicante City Council, Ingartek has conducted an extensive study that has included intensive fieldwork, obtaining information on existing routes and the habits of citizens with regard to the use of public transport.

With all this, Ingartek has proposed a radial model, with a fan-shaped service, which allows to facilitate the connection between the periphery and the city center. That is, an urban transport system that connects the neighborhoods with the urban center, thus responding to the main itineraries that citizens make.

In addition, and as an important novelty with respect to the current system, a Demand-responsive Transport System will be implemented with six lines to cover rural areas.

The project includes multiple actions, the improvement of frequencies and routes of existing lines, as well as the expansion of urban bus lines, which will connect areas regularly used by citizens, such as the Hospital de San Juan. It has also been proposed to improve the connection and frequency with industrial parks located between Alicante and the Business Area of Las Atalayas, so as to increase the number of users of urban transport in those areas.

Electric buses

Sustainable urban mobility also means improving the bus fleet. Therefore, the project carried out by Ingartek also includes the electrification of the service. In this way, more than two thirds of the fleet will be renewed with electric buses, thus complying with the standards established at European level in this regard.

At Ingartek we have extensive experience in projects such as the new Public Bus Service in Alicante, carried out thanks to the large team of mobility experts of Ingartek. We are a mobility and transport consultancy and engineering company that offers intelligence in movement to cities, public administrations and citizens.

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