Study of Mobility and Demand Profile of the Basque Country 2021

Study of Mobility and Demand Profile of the Basque Country 2021

The study of Mobility and Demand Profile of the Basque Country 2021 is already under way. Today, it is essential to know the demand for mobility and its evolution in order to guarantee universal accessibility and move towards a more sustainable transport system. Therefore, the Basque Government has seen the need to update the Study of Mobility and Demand Profile of Travellers and Goods, to adapt it to the current reality.

The Department of Land Planning, Housing and Transportation has relied on Ingartek to carry out this project.

Characterization of mobility

The field data collection phase began in October. To this traditional method of information collection (mobility survey to residents, cordon surveys…), information from mobile phone data will be added for the first time in this study. This will be possible thanks to the fact that Ingartek and Orange are partners for big data analysis since 2017.

Thus, the resulting study will collect information obtained through telephony data and mobility surveys to residents, but also monetics data of public transport and data of traffic capacity stations. Based on these data, origin/destination matrices will be obtained, as well as the characterization of mobility in the Basque Country.

At Ingartek we work to meet the management needs in the transport and mobility sector that public administrations usually face. We are a mobility and transport engineering consultancy formed by a multidisciplinary team with more than 15 years of experience.

We offer “Intelligence in movement” in all our solutions to cities, their public administrations and citizens, in order to optimize the management of transport, circulation, mobility, and urban accessibility. Because at Ingartek we are driven by the desire for a world that facilitates the mobility of citizens in their journeys.





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