What is urban space planning for?

What is urban space planning for?

Why is good urban space planning essential? Because if we were to ask most people if they are comfortable in their cities, the answer would probably be yes. However, if they were asked to highlight their drawbacks, they would surely come up with a long list as well.


Urban space planning focuses on cities developing and growing in an organized way. Although there are cities and towns that still have tangles of streets that waste space and create confusion, it is sought that every time all the neighborhoods are better designed.

Urban planning not only improves the aesthetics and order of cities, but also the lives of its inhabitants. It is not something that is done on a whim, but there is a Master Plan that regulates how these types of spaces should be.

For good planning of urban public space, different issues are taken into account. The first thing is how the city really is today at all levels. Their infrastructures or the available land are also valued. Then, it will be time to develop the plan at all levels, which also includes transport and mobility.

And it is that urban planning includes aspects like the ones you have seen, but it also thinks about the needs of citizens at all levels. For example, if in all neighborhoods there is good access to health services or educational centers. Undoubtedly, essential elements for people to enjoy quality of life.

Another aspect that we have already mentioned and that is essential is to carry out urban mobility studies.


Sustainable urban mobility plans focus on achieving more efficient transport that benefits both the companies that supply it and the users. They apply at the municipal, community or state level.

There are many issues involved in making mobility sustainable. For this reason, as a company specialized in this issue, we offer the different organizations the plan they need to optimize this essential part of cities.

For all of the above, within the planning of urban space, transport must always be taken into account. At Ingartek we are experts in making the design that cities need. Therefore, get in touch with our team and we will make mobility in your municipality more sustainable.

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