The importance of carrying out a mobility consultancy

The importance of carrying out a mobility consultancy

The work currently carried out by a mobility consultancy is key to the proper functioning of cities. Helps avoid chaotic layouts that make traffic and commuting a real problem. From Ingartek, as experts in the sector, we show you what work we do.


A sustainable mobility consultancy is a company that deals with giving all the necessary advice on urban mobility. He works for private organizations, but also for the Public Administration.

There are many tasks that it is responsible for, but basically its task is to analyze and detect mobility problems in a specific area. It can be a neighborhood, several or an entire city.

From these studies that it carries out, it is capable of diagnosing the problems that exist and designing the solutions. Of course, everything that is working well will continue along the same lines.


A mobility consultancy or engineering can offer different solutions, as we have mentioned. Normally, when you work for a public body, you focus on these areas:

  • Analyze traffic problems and propose solutions.
  • Study the times that users have to wait for public transport and try to reduce it.
  • Increase the safety of public roads for both pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Guarantee an improvement in the quality of life of people with mobility problems. With adequate access to transportation and anywhere else.
  • Detect mobility problems in the area and solve them.
  • Reduce the environmental footprint left by traffic in the city.

It is different when the work is carried out for a private company. In these cases, the focus is usually on improving the mobility of workers. For example, proposing alternative plans to avoid the most congested areas to get to work.

To achieve the milestones we are discussing, the transport and mobility expert company has to carry out both field work and different surveys in the area. Detecting what is failing is the most delicate point, but once it is clear, the necessary action plan is designed to solve them.

Ending problems like the ones we have discussed is not easy, but it is possible if you have the services of a mobility consultancy. At Ingartek we make ourselves available to you whether you are a private company or a public body. Do not stop counting on us.

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