The first steps towards sustainable urban planning

The first steps towards sustainable urban planning

In these times with so many environmental and pollution problems, it is important to take the step to undertake sustainable urban planning. Local governments and regional administrations must delve deeper into the subject to reduce as much as possible the impact of daily activities on ecosystems and allow citizens to lead a healthy life. It is essential to approve an urban planning related to the subject.


The main thing is to have a plan for the development and growth of the plan. In this way, the future of the city or municipality will be more orderly and coherent. For this reason, when designing urban planning it is advisable to do so with a view to the future in order to extend it as long as possible.

In addition, having sustainable urban planning will help to have a favorable economy. In this way, development will be expanded as there will be more economic activities in different sectors.

Persistence and perseverance is another of the keys to achieving sustainable mobility. As much as the local government may undergo a change, this strategy of improving transportation and mobility, among other things, must last over time. It is a difficult change to occur in the short term, so giving it continuity is one of the main keys to achieving this ambitious goal.


At Ingartek we do our bit to improve decision-making processes for sustainable urban planning in each municipality. We design exclusive accessibility plans, and thanks to this we are able to guarantee universal accessibility to the main places in each town, whether they are public spaces or buildings.

In order to achieve this, we analyze hand in hand the most convenient actions with the municipal departments, always taking into account criteria of sustainability and economic efficiency, thus prioritizing the actions that will have a favorable impact. With all this, we promote urban regeneration and the success of the city’s public spaces, in addition to guaranteeing universal accessibility thanks to sustainable urban mobility.

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