Urban traffic consultants for a more sustainable mobility

Urban traffic consultants for a more sustainable mobility

What role do urban traffic consultants play? They are one of the keys to the design of future cities, in order to seek a balance between the various traffics that converge in their streets.

Future plans for your city

All the more so at a time when sustainable mobility is the key to healthier and less polluted urban environments for citizens. They are in charge of analyzing the urban mobility of a city, in order to make a plan for the future adapted to the most current needs.

The mobility studies carried out by traffic consultants will help to develop sustainable and road safety mobility plans, with the aim of proposing improvements in infrastructure and management measures in different areas: municipalities and cities, school areas, high traffic environments, black spots…

Ingartek is a specialist in traffic and mobility engineering, as well as a benchmark in the sector when it comes to carrying out mobility and traffic studies. Among other points, these four are usually key in the analysis of a city:

  • The network organization for the private vehicle (traffic)
  • The public transport network
  • The cycle path network
  • The pedestrian network

Once the study is done and completed, the process comes to an end by creating mobility models, impact studies and simulations.

What are mobility and traffic networks for?

Generally, such studies are carried out for public traffic administration, transport operators, public infrastructure administration, concessions and engineering companies.

The ultimate goal of Ingartek is that citizens are satisfied with mobility, transport and the accessibility of urban spaces; and that is why we offer our urban planning services to municipalities and cities, to their citizens and to their public administrations.

We work to make transport and mobility efficient in terms of time and cost, and of course sustainable. All this in order to achieve urban regeneration and the success of public spaces.

If you want to know more about the plans we have carried out in Ingartek, or if you need help to draw up a plan for your city or municipality, call us. We will be happy to help you!

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