Research and Development

The main objective of the CityTOOLS project that Ingartek is participating in is the research, design, development and evaluation of a prototype of a technology platform for management, information and communication that is robust, open, transversal and highly scalable.

The aim is for this platformto comply with international, European and national standards and regulations. Also, the aim is to make it possible to make the Smart Cityconcept a reality in any model of city and territory across the world. To do so, it will be necessary to use as a base the development and deployment of advanced services and applications in the sector of transport, urban mobility and territorial planning, thus creating the basis of the future Control Centre for Smart Cities.

The new CityTools technology platform will integrate a series of results of research, knowledge, attitudes and scientific-technological and/or innovation components. The objective will be to ensure the viability of its future extension, the compatibility and interoperability with new future smart services in the sectors of the environment, energy, health, security, tourism, governance, etc. The Basque ICT industryhas a leading position in an emerging strategic sector like the Smart Cities sector.

This project is carried out with the backing of the Hazitek support program for business R+D. This program, co-funded by the Basque Government and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), consists of “non-repayable grants for supporting and carrying out Industrial Research or Experimental Development Projects, of both a competitive and strategic nature, in the business sector of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, and in the specialist sectors that are part of the Basque Country Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2020”.

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