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proyecto C-Roads Spain

TheC-Roads Spain (Cooperative Roads) project that Ingartek is participating in is comprised of 5 pilot projects, each of which has a particular series of technologies and C-ITS services, and with the participation of different partners. This heterogeneity is aimed at covering a wide spectrum of cases, in order to assess the impact of connected mobility in many representative scenarios.

C-ROADS(Cooperative Roads) promotes the interoperability and continuity of C-ITS services in the different countries of the European Union. As part of this deployment of pilot projects that is taking place in Spain, Ingartek is participating in Pilot project 4, corresponding to the Cantabrian region, specifically in these two areas:

  • A8 in Asturias, KP 374 to KP 394.
  • A8/AP8 in the Basque Country, KP 100 to KP 139

The specific objectives of this project are as follows:

  • Promote the deployment of C-ITS in Spain through 7 pilot projects, where the services “Day 1” and “Day 1,5” will be implemented.
  • Provide a coordinated framework of activities for Spanish entities, in line with existing European initiatives.
  • Participate in the C-Roads Platform, with contributions to each of the work groups and a presence on the Steering Committee.
  • Guarantee the interoperability and continuity of C-ITS, promoting cooperation with other Member States.
  • Study the complementarity of hybrid communications (G5 and cellular communications) for C-ITS.
  • Analyse the convergence of technologies relating to connected and self-driving vehicles.
  • Ensure the scalability and replicability of results for future deployments of C-ITS in Spain.
  • Involve multiple Spanish entities in he entire value chain: road operators, telecommunication operators, vehicle manufacturers, suppliers of components, providers of services, fleet managers and providers of ITS technologies.

Project website:https://www.c-roads.es/

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