Creation of GTFS for Bizkaibus



Gobierno Vasco

Basque Government. The entity that exercises executive power and leads the regional administration in the Basque Country.


Generation of GTFS of Bizkaibus for Moveuskadi. Bizkaibus is the interurban transport service for travellers in Biscay and Moveuskadi is a route planner on the public transport network in the Basque Country: timetables, stops, time, cost…


Create a route generation system for Bizkaibus for the MOveuskadi trip planner, which functions using Google standards.

Work carried out


As there were no files in Google standard (GTFS) for the mobility service provided by Bizkaibus, the route planner of the Basque Government (Moveuskadi) could not offer its users the option of taking a Bizkaibus in order to undertake their journeys.

Ingartek has accessed the data base of the OSS and developed the conversion procedures in order to automatically obtain the GTFS files. This work was the basis for creating a stable architecture that makes it possible to send data to Moveuskadi and Google Maps each week.


Create a system that automatically generates the necessary GTFS files.

The process that Ingartek has developed uses the data base of the OSS in order to generate the GTFS for a series of set calendars.In the GTFS file created by Ingartek, 122 routes, 2,612 stops, 11,131 average journeys a day and 358 shapes have been uploaded (each line can contain several sub-lines).

The process developed by Ingartek has been configured as a programmed task in order to generate the feeds periodically.

Having built the feed automatically, Ingartek adds the data to a mapping data base in order to apply the manual corrections that have been established. This data base uses the PostgreSQL and PostGIS engine. After it has finished building the feed, the sever transmits it.


Route generation system for Google planner. Creation of transport service routes using Google standards so that those services appear in its journey planner: Visibility (your lines published and updated simply and cheaply); control (Reliable information and controlled by you); and customer satisfaction.


  • Automatic creation of GTFS files.
  • Overcoming of expensive manual systems for generating GTFS.
  • Information collected directly from OSS.
  • Limitation of human error in the transfer of data.
  • More cost-effective system.
  • Updated information, programming for the periodic creation of files.

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