Webinar on MAAS, Connected Mobility

Webinar on MAAS, Connected Mobility

We have already prepared the next webinar, this time on MAAS, connected mobility. Society is changing, and so is the way we move. Policies to boost the use of public transport have increased in recent years, and mobility has become a major issue in more and more areas.

To all this, we must add digital transformation, which of course also has an impact on the mobility sector. Taking into account the important role of users and the aforementioned digital transformation, the mobility sector is currently working on a fundamental axis: the transformation of the customer or user experience. If we want to make everything work, it is essential to put users at the centre.

Greater adaptability

Therefore, MAAS or Mobility as a Service is becoming a key factor in mobility issues. MaaS platforms combine services from public and private transport providers through a unified portal that creates and manages travel, allowing users to be more adaptable to their particular needs.

In order to develop this concept of mobility as a service, the issue of tickets, user care or provision of information must be carried out in such a way that mobility services are combined to provide users and passengers with a fluid and easily accessible transport offer.

What are the best practices to help ticket issuing systems achieve their objectives? How important are the new mobility policies?

We will explain everything in the webinar that we will give together with Siemens Mobility and PADAM on July 9, from 10:00.

The webinar will be given by Isidro Arrieta, co-founder of Ingartek, MBA and Electronics and Telecommunications Engineer; Maximiliam Kaiser, International Sales Manager of Intermodal Solutions of Siemens Mobility, Antonio Gallardo Vázquez, Sales Manager Intermodal Solutions Spain of Siemens Mobility and Charles Paulino Montejo, Product Marketing Manager of PADAM.

The colloquium will be moderated by Susana Alarcón, Mathematician and founding partner of Ingartek.

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